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Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Hope, thanks for confirming Aron's view that the "West Texan" had the patience and strategy to out maneuver TC. It might have taken him 30 years, but he did it. Knowing TC, this is just incredible. Part of his strategy was to make this a confrontation between "one man" and "all the blendeds." As a friend of mine once naively said, "all the brothers are one except that TC."

Btw, I also at one time heard a lot of talk about another "West Texan" who could never make it to the White House.
It is no accident that there are so many Blendeds who are Texans. Benson built his base out of loyal brothers and took many of them with him to Anaheim. Actually, Texans were placed all over the country through migrations.

I still remember being surprised to learn in the late 80s about the struggle between Benson and Titus over the Local Church in Cedar Rapids. Benson placed an elder there from OKC (an LC in his region containing a lot of Texans) and was maneuvering to bring that LC under the control of his region. There were some in Cedar Rapids who were being helped by Titus.

The brother who was sent there by Benson later told my husband and me about the struggle he witnessed and the things he heard behind the scenes that were said about Titus. He was totally repulsed by this and by the competition for control over that LC. He left the LC shortly after this.

Others might have some awareness of this and know more details. I just heard about this in one conversation many years ago. I was totally stunned that there was this kind of fighting over an LC and that Benson did not think well of TC. I just couldn't imagine there was this kind of struggle among brothers. Who could ever have imagined what was going to grow up from those ugly little seeds? Yes, Benson's maneuvering activities concerning Titus have some pretty deep roots.

I once heard that sibling rivalry in a family is usually due to one or more parents showing favoritism. The children compete with one another for the favor of the parent(s). It is plain that the relationship between Lee and all his LC leader children fueled this kind of behavior.

Benson was definitely the most patient, and he certainly knew how to position and use other people for achieving his longterm goals.

Lee preached oneness, but his ways sowed division.

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