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Thanks Don. You have cleared it up. It was not a one-sided thing (as I had suspected), but it was a muddy mess. I only asked for your input because I knew that you would have as complete a history as we could get. I did not recall that the “event” was actually in your living room.

I understand that your goal was not to start a WL local church. I even trust that your motives and actions were as pure as you could realize at the time. It is possible that the same could be said for the others who were there.

But it is funny what it all turned into over time. Have you ever considered how you would have reacted to the LC in the mid 60s if it had been operating as it was in the mid 80s and beyond? Don’t answer that. It would be pure speculation. I always believe that introducing one “if” justifies changing everything which makes such inquiries futile.
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