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Originally Posted by YP0534 View Post
Therefore, according to brother Lee, there is no keeping of feast days according to the Bible.

Brother Lee also warned about insisting upon having things in uniformity.

Someone in the Local Church really should go back and read Witness Lee's books sometimes..
Interesting comment. Actually, only the BB's today are rightfully allowed to interpret Lee.

This is why I coined the phrases "early Lee" and "later Lee." There was no other way to explain the conflict. And there was no way to arrive at a consensus of thought. Two brothers could read two different WL books and arrive at two opposing thoughts. Many did this. I did this. We tried hard to determine "what did WL really say." Early Lee was closer to WN. Later lee was closer to JND. The conflict between the CB's and the BB's served to highlight this dilemma. Both initially were sourcing WL, trying to prove to the other side "what did WL really say." Eventually, most of the CB authors decided that this was going no where, so they decided to return to the Bible.
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