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Originally Posted by YP0534 View Post
I suppose it may well have been, upon concluding a careful study of Acts, that Lee concluded, "Our practice is not like this, either in the US or in Taiwan. I will go back to Taiwan and see if we can get our practice to match what we have seen in the Acts." But significantly, he ascribes the problem in Taiwan since 1955 to T. Austin-Sparks from that "put down my pen" time and I do not see that conclusion as directly resulting from his study of the New Testament.

Like I said, please keep this question in mind if you come across it somewhere..
Another thought presented by WL during this time was, "we have recovered life, we have recovered the truth, now we must recover the way." This supposedly corresponded with John 14.6 -- "I am the way, the truth, and the life." WL thus summarized his ministry in America: Mid 60's to mid 70's was "life," then the life study era to the mid 80's was "truth," then he had a "laboratory" in Taipei to find the "way." Eventually by the early 90's, this was superseded by the "high peak."

"The Conclusion" that you mentioned was a rehash of topics and the precursor for the "crystalization study of the NT" which followed.
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