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Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Another thought presented by WL during this time was, "we have recovered life, we have recovered the truth, now we must recover the way." This supposedly corresponded with John 14.6 -- "I am the way, the truth, and the life." WL thus summarized his ministry in America: Mid 60's to mid 70's was "life," then the life study era to the mid 80's was "truth," then he had a "laboratory" in Taipei to find the "way." Eventually by the early 90's, this was superseded by the "high peak."

"The Conclusion" that you mentioned was a rehash of topics and the precursor for the "crystalization study of the NT" which followed.

Although I've never gotten into the printed Conclusion messages that I have, I did appreciate their purpose. Lee called them, at the time, "the consummation and final reaping" of all of his years of Bible study. It could be viewed as a topical index of all of his teachings in the New Testament and I've been amazed that some of them remain unpublished to this date, more than 20 years later. I really considered Lee might withdraw from public speaking after giving those messages. I mean, after all, what could follow the "final reaping" other than picking up the lost bits that have fallen to the earth? What comes after "The Conclusion?" "The Post-Script?" "The Appendix?"

As I understand it, though, Lee himself didn't finish the Crystalization study, did he?

Thanks for the insight about the three factors. I don't think I heard that before but it does seem to match his way of thinking. Except that I do see that there was a real problem with describing a practical "way" to meet and serve and having the saints apprehend that this description could be nothing but Christ Himself, as we recognize was the case for the other two items.

I'm sorry, but I just cannot accept that the applications for migration are only Christ Himself as the Way. And I'm pretty sure anyone reviewing this form would agree, even you, Ohio, who liked it for practical reasons.

There was an incident where some trainers had to apologize to a group of trainees about their way. The trainers publicly repented of their technique and prayed that their way did not cause permanent damage. We obviously couldn't say that no one could make a mistake. But at the same time you have to emphasize that anyone could make a mistake.

My realization in these days is that the biggest mistake was the action on the practical side before the recovery of the truth was concluded in reality. The consequence of failing to ever see through the veil of "Universal Church" is that they determined to build that very thing and have merely succeeded in enshrining the teachings of Lee and Nee in yet another denomination.
Let each walk as the Lord has distributed to each, as God has called each, and in this manner I instruct all the assemblies. 1 Cor. 7:17
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