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Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
I found it interesting that when I "quoted" your post, the tag line was "Hope;911"

The details of this post in the next chapter will be helpful indeed, especially for those of us who have invested a lifetime in the LC program only to have this gnawing ache within of "how could something so good, become so bad." The events of this "very first special elders and co-workers conference" are shocking indeed. This preceded my time in the LC's by a couple years.

Hope, your comments about Max are notable. We always heard that he was extremely ambitious, usurping power and position, while WL, otoh, was always kind, benevolent, spiritual, magnanimous, and godly -- though perhaps a little "vulnerable" to the likes of Max -- because he (WL) was somewhat distant and "removed" from the "politics" of leadership, in order that he could devote himself exclusively to prayer, ministry, and the study of the scripture. Apparently that was a public relations message.

If your coming chapter expands on this post, then I'll pray for you, because you are "defacing the great image." And the "caretakers of that image" will be a little upset.

Can you also elaborate on this statement -- WL's shouting put downs of TC and other senior brothers in 1974 became the fermentation book, spitting on Lang's book and the 1989 Lee is great message.
On the one hand MR could be described as extremely ambitious, usurping power and position but he also had many good points and I can dig out some helpful actions on his part and he did shake up some apathy that needed shaking up.

And yes WL could be and usually was "kind, benevolent, spiritual, magnanimous, and godly -- though perhaps a little "vulnerable" but WL could also be more ambitious for his work than MR ever thought about. While MR attempted to shake things up he never sought to throw anyone under the bus. WL had no problem with jettisoning brothers. His motto was "shed two tears and go on."

In the 1974 meeting WL had been speaking for some time about the need to abandon the old cities and had mentioned Cleveland and Chicago in particular. TC stood up and in a very respectful way tried to give a gentle testimony for the older cities from his experience. WL shouted in a very angry way for him to sit down since his view had already been discussed before the meetings and then something to the effect that TC did not know what he was talking about. Bill Barker and Jim R. later tried to speak on behalf of Chicago and WL allowed them but his face and body language expressed his disapproval. He basically told them they could do what they wanted to do. There was no pleasantness in his voice or way. Everyone was clear what he really thought. There was also ridicule directed toward James B. and John I. for the way they had lead the church in LA but they were pretty much lumped in with all the elders and co-workers who needed to get with the new program.

In Christ Jesus there is hope for us all,

Hope, Don Rutledge
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