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Do you really believe that Rapoport would be that stupid? If he did read all those books and was such a good strategist surely he would know that he could not take over a movement which was about 90% Chinese - a language and culture which he was not from nor part of. I am not suggesting he was not ambitious. But I personally think it is a good thing for a leader to be a man of action and a person who can get things done instead of being a passive wimp.

It is probable he wanted to shake up the status quo and those with vested interests in it - like other jealous leaders - did not want their domains threatened. And no doubt Rapoport made many mistakes which apparently he has repented for. But from what I understand the biggest mistake he made was joining the LCS and letting himself get into the center of the Lee family and LSM quagmire. I suspect he is very happy he escaped when he did!
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