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Actually Hope I know people who know Max personally and I have read some of his writings. That's how I know he is not stupid. You mention Orange County and Texas but my impression from your posts is Max wanted to take over the entire movement in place of Witness Lee. I find that quite a stretch considering most of the movement is in the Far East - then and now. Mr. Rapoport would have had to be the village idiot to think he could take over a predominantly Asian movement when he did not know their culture or language. He may have "wanted" to in an abstract kind of way the same way I wouldn't mind a private jet to avoid the airport lines when I travel. But for him to really think it possible in practical terms...I'm not buying it. Do you seriously think he thought he could get the Far Eastern leadership on board to agree with him in taking Lee's place? I don't. Has he directly admitted this to you Hope i.e. that he thought taking over the entire movement including the Far East was a realistic possibility?

Regarding my term "passive wimps" I am not necessarily referring to anyone in the LCS but as a general statement. Further my criteria for leadership is not merely the ability to get things done but of course the biblical standards as described in 1st Timothy.
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