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Default You got me dj!!!

Originally Posted by djohnson View Post
Actually Hope I did happen to read 2 articles he wrote for Rivers and another article he wrote from a newsletter which I think had "Bruised Reeds" in it's title. And apparently my assessment was correct for as you concede he was not dumb but very capable.

My question is did Mr. Rapoport convey to you directly that he was in a "power struggle" with Witness Lee to take over Lee's movement? That he realistically thought he could do this?

I guess you got me.

I can never recall Max or one of his inner circle ever conveying to me directly "that he was in a "power struggle" with Witness Lee to take over Lee's movement." What would you prefer to call the conflict between the two leaders. Since you seem to feel your assessments are more accurate than mine, how would you characterize the last 12 months of their relationship. Of course if Max had a half a brain he would not say such a thing directly to anyone. To say you were in a power struggle with WL would have been the death nell.

It is interesting that Benson P. a West Texan has been able to exercise control and influence over the LCS to the point of quarantining Titus Chu, who was Chinese the last time I checked.

Maybe Max thought he could take over the Far East, maybe he did not. We never talked about that. He only discussed his growing influence over the areas I mentioned.

In Christ Jesus,

Hope, Don Rutledge
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