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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

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The part above I mostly agree with. I say "mostly" because it is one side of the truth but not the whole truth. There is the practice also. On the one hand we are, according to Ephesians, seated with Christ in the heavenlies. However, we also live on the earth in space and time and in Corinth or some other physical locale. Both are equally relevant. Yet, in your argument you conflate the two in the wrong way. You argue that the physical interferes with the spiritual when actually there is a symbiotic relationship between them.
I'm sorry where did I do that?

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
For instance, to experience the reality of the ones in Ephesians you cannot do this in a closet. You must have a practical way to experience the ones because though you have the position in Christ in Ephesians you need the experience while living in Corinth. On the other side, if you do not have the spiritual reality then the physical will be vanity. The building of the Body of Christ requires both the spiritual reality and the physical practice.

It is not as you, Igzy, and Ohio similarly argue that the physical is not needed or that the Body of Christ can be built without the assembling of ourselves together, or that just any old way of meeting will suffice.

When did I argue that the physical was not needed. I just said, and you just quoted, that you cannot have an expression of the temple of God, Kingdom of God, etc. without a corporate expression which is the church, a gathering of called out ones. That is physical, temporal, etc.

What I have been arguing is that you have created requirements that are not in the NT, and then you use these bogus requirements to disqualify 99.9% of all Christians. Igzy is the one who has focused on how arrogant and blind it is to assume that you alone are right and 99.9999% of Christians are wrong, not just today but for the last 2,000 years.

Neither Ohio, Igzy or myself have argued that the physical is not needed, nor have we argued that both spiritual and physical are not needed. If we thought that we wouldn't even be in the discussion. Our discussion demonstrates that we do care about both.

What we have noticed is that the so called "ground of the oneness" taught by Witness Lee does absolutely nothing to protect or keep the oneness and is actually used in practice as a tool to condemn and divide Christians. We have pointed out that it is an inferred teaching, there is no black and white teaching, no Apostle's fellowship as a doctrine, no prescription in the NT to keep this important teaching and therefore even if you think it is correct you should not hold to it, should not insist on it, should not use it as a tool to create your own sect. That is divisive and causes Witness Lee's sect to be a damnable heresy.
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