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Default Re: Reconciliation in the Local Churches?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
I know we've often heard how the Church life in the local churches was somehow the Lord's best. How can we as Christians claim to be in the New Testament Ministry, Minstry of the Age, etc when there is no urgency, no desire, and very little love for reconciliation among the brothers and sisters?
How long are brothers and sisters going to cling onto perceived wrongdoings that happened decades ago and not sense the urgency to be reconciled to one another?
Just so it gets said, TF, we as Christians have no business claiming to be anything, other than a child of the King. As long as "we" think more highly of ourselves than we ought, we will continue to look down on others with condescension, antagonism, judgmental disdain and other devilish attitudes, and we will remain steeped in the sin of unforgiveness and disobedience.

I have recently come to believe that the biggest problem among Christians today is that they/we no longer believe the Bible, we no longer fear God, and we believe that the "rules have changed".

People do not reconcile, because they are disobedient. They believe that Matt. 18 doesn't apply to them, and they have little or no fear that they will be held accountable for their sin.

This year I was in a conversation among a group of ten or so former LC members. The conversation was quite heated at times because the topic was about receiving a brother who had been caught in blatant, gross sin. The topic of "divorce" came up, because that was also an issue.

A sister eventually stated loudly, with passion, "well, everybody gets divorced"!

I guess that statement rocked my world. In her mind divorce is OK now, because "everybody does it". There are a lot of terribly sad things that may happen that lead to divorce, some beyond your control. But when Christians use the "everybody does it" excuse, the fear of God is not there, the authority of His word is not respected or believed, and obedience is irrelevant.

Well, TF, probably not the answer you were expecting.

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