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Default Re: Reconciliation in the Local Churches?

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
The topic of "divorce" came up, because that was also an issue.

A sister eventually stated loudly, with passion, "well, everybody gets divorced"!

I guess that statement rocked my world. In her mind divorce is OK now, because "everybody does it". There are a lot of terribly sad things that may happen that lead to divorce, some beyond your control. But when Christians use the "everybody does it" excuse, the fear of God is not there, the authority of His word is not respected or believed, and obedience is irrelevant.

Well, TF, probably not the answer you were expecting.
Nell, when one gets into the matter of divorce I have two questions do pose:
1. Do you consider marriage a contract or a covenant?
2. Apart from adultery, should one get divorced do you still treat marriage as a covenant and never remarry?

Right it wasn't the answer I was expecting, but a response I value. I suppose when it comes to reconciliation between believers, the question to be asked, where is your conscience? Do you have love the other party?
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