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Default Re: Reconciliation in the Local Churches?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
I know we've often heard how the Church life in the local churches was somehow the Lord's best. How can we as Christians claim to be in the New Testament Ministry, Minstry of the Age, etc when there is no urgency, no desire, and very little love for reconciliation among the brothers and sisters?
I read an article tonight concerning Microsoft's Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs of Apple. These two men were rivals and at times friends, but at the end their relationship was reconciled.

"Gates also reflected on the passing of Steve Jobs. Weeks before the Apple founder died, Gates paid an unannounced visit to the home of his sometime friend and longtime rival.

"He and I always enjoyed talking. He would throw some things out, you know, some stimulating things. We'd talk about the other companies that have come along. We talked about our families and how lucky we'd both been in terms of the women we married. It was great relaxed conversation.

God knows if these two men had a relationship with Him. If you speculate they don't know the Lord, what does it say when unbelievers have a better grasp what reconciliation means that Christians should know and should practice? Going as far back as the so-called "Sister's Rebellion", these brothers and sisters aren't getting any younger. Most of these dear brothers and sisters are into their 70's and 80's. How much time is left? How long are brothers and sisters going to cling onto perceived wrongdoings that happened decades ago and not sense the urgency to be reconciled to one another?
These two would never have reconciled if Microsoft had quarantined Jobs and Apple for violating their "one publication policy" concerning software.

Think about how much "confusion" this has caused "the body" of computer users. Back in those early days, using a "mouse" to double-click icons was worst than playing electric guitars and drums. Remembering the "good old days" of MS-DOS is like reminiscing about Elden Hall.
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