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Default Re: Reconciliation in the Local Churches?

Originally Posted by Paul Cox View Post
...Witness Lee and a brother who disagreed with him ... were reported to have made the following statement concerning their respective positions: "I can take that to the throne."

...they know very little of the Throne. Otherwise, they could never make such an audacious claim. The throne eventually will bring all of us to our knees...
This reminds me of Matthew chapter 5: "leave your gift at the altar (Throne) and go and be reconciled with your brother. Then, when you have reconciled, you can come and offer your gift."

My experience is that we are more prone to remember and apply "...let him be to you like the Gentile" in Matthew chapter 18, than we are to remember "...first be reconciled with your brother in "Matthew chapter 5.

And I suspect we at least subconsciously place stipulations upon any potential reconciliation such that "our brother" needs to confess that his are the "wrongs" and ours the "rights" before the healing can begin, and we agree to restore him from "among the Gentiles". The idea that perhaps we ourselves might be also partly in error is less dwelt upon than the immutable fixation on the error(s) of the other party. Jesus was surely right when He noted that we can see the splinter in the other's eye before we can see the beam in our own.

A subset of this idea is that the only theological & practical convictions we should carry "to the Throne" are those agreed upon by all of the common faith. It is not called the common faith for nothing (e.g. see Jude v.3). Any teachings, high peak or otherwise, which lead to unresolveable disputations must be let go before the Throne, in order to hold onto our brothers. Our brothers and sisters should be more dear to us than our theology, teachings, and practices.
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