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Default John Ingall's Quarantine

What was John Ingall's quarantine really?
Product of ambition or product based on the ministry?
Growing up in Southern California, I saw John Ingalls at many conferences. I have a face to go to a name. Though the reported reasons for his quarantine was a possibility, it was improbable. I don't know John Ingalls. All I know is my conscience is convicted John Ingalls was not ambitious. All one needs to do is study John's history.
Is there a track record of ambition? Not that I'm aware of.
Prior to the local church being raised in LA (circa 1962), John Ingalls was at Westmoreland Chapel and he was part of the fellowship that invited Witness Lee.
From 1962-1989 John Ingalls was part of the fellowship of local churches. Allegedly John's association with this fellowship ended because he was ambition to be the leader. Hope, {if you're reading} wasn't this the case with Max? No, more likely John's fellowship ended because of his concern about the ministry.
Post 1989-If John Ingalls was so ambitious where's the fruit of his ministry?
All I know is
he was one of many brothers who contributed the Rivers publication.
He's a senior brother at Westminster Assembly.
Sometimes invited to speak in various places.
What ministry he does have is just to minister Christ

This is taken from a post of Matt's from the One Accord letter of 1986.

"We repudiate all differences among the churches, and all indifference toward the ministry, the ministry office, and the other churches"

As I read Speaking the Truth in Love, John was indifferent towards the ministry office and the ministry. He wasn't the only one. Brothers that were coincidentally indifferent or expressed their concerns, are probably all out of the recovery.
My suggestion is it was John's indifference towards the office and Living Stream Ministry that spelled out q-u-a-r-a-n-t-i-n-e.
On this day in 2008, I speculate how many current elders in the local churches ever knew John Ingalls personally?
Or are they taking someone else's word he's a quarantined brother and not to be contacted?


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