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You ask good questions.

The central issue with both Max and John was Phillip Lee, his unrepentant immorality, and his father's refusal to keep the LSM clean of such sin.

Being 'ambitious' is the smoke screen the LC always throws out to defame a person's character, his walk before the Lord and honesty. It's a cheap accusation that has no real meaning. I saw that label used against brothers who really just wanted to serve the Lord and His people. If for some reason that brother was not liked by the leadership, he was labeled ambitious. This seldom happened to sisters, because there was no real 'advancement' for them, anyway. Unless they married into the upper echelon.

The Local Church is the ONLY group, Christian or not, that I have ever seen punish someone who wants to work, wants to contribute.

John and Max were both ousted because WL allowed his son to remain in charge at LSM while he was living a life of complete immorality, and even bringing it right into the LSM office.

No way to paint this pretty.

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