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Originally Posted by Terry View Post
What was John Ingall's quarantine really? Product of ambition or product based on the ministry? Is there a track record of ambition? Not that I'm aware of.

My suggestion is it was John's indifference towards the office and Living Stream Ministry that spelled out q-u-a-r-a-n-t-i-n-e.
John Ingall's had a number of "problems." One was that he was a shepherd, placing people before programs. That's bad. Next, he had a conscience that bothered him about things happening around him. Another bad. He also should have trusted "the ministry," instead of reading the Bible directly. Doubly bad. He also was a well respected brother, who had ministered to many. He began to place truths as answers to places where the saints only had questions. People began to listen to him. Bad, bad, triple bad.

He needed to be silenced. That is what quarantine is all about. Silencing critiques. It must also be coupled with slanders or else it will not be effective. Call him "ambitious." That sounds pretty bad. Call him "rebellious." Throw in some Bible stories about Ham and Korah. That will spook the saints for sure.
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