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Default Re: Where kind I find it??

Thank you bearbear for this; I've found the same copy of the letter on many websites, but many months ago I recall viewing a file (image or pdf) of the letter which included the signatures of the brothers and their respective localities. I actually found it quite easily back then, but now that isn't the case. It would be helpful in showing the letter (including the signatures) to one of my loved ones, with whom I have been able to express my concerns regarding Witness Lee, as well as why I've felt led to meet elsewhere, and to read books by other Christian authors besides Lee. I did show my family member the letter, however without the signatures, I feel it would be dismissed as a fraud, or something someone out there falsely created as a slight against the local churches. Any help you could give me is much appreciated... even additional tidbits of the many red flags of the local churches I could, in love, present to those close to me, would be most helpful, too.

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