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Default Re: a couple's rise and fall

A very sad but familiar story.
May the Lord be rich to you, and may He bless you with Himself!

A bit bemusing though in it's mention of Titus.
This brother seems to be damned no matter what he does!
If he goes along with the program, (like we all did) he's despised...then if he teaches without WL's direct supervision, it reads like a covert operation.
Somewhere, there must be the story of a man...who made mistakes and who followed the Lord.
It feels like the attitude of the LSM had permeated this poor brother more than he thought!
Ask any poor Ohio person who attended trainings out there! The attitudes were horrific! Many accusations were hurled and we Ohioans had no idea what they were talking about! We were that protected and isolated from the terrible reality of Anaheim.
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