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Default Re: Turmoil in the Local Church by Christian Research Journal

Something I wanted to get out onto this forum is what Norm posted on regarding the late 80's turmoil:

"In the future I may refer back to more items during this time period. For now I would like to move on. I will touch a few items during the so-called 1980ís turmoil.

I remember when the ten points from the brothers in Anaheim first came out. It seemed to me that what they expressed was exactly what was going on at that time. The churches were becoming ministry churches. But then an attack was made on those brothers and their ten points were declared to be ten bullets directed at the heart of Bro. Lee with the intention of destroying his ministry.

As this was stressed more and more and I really did not hear any of the other side, my sentiments began to change. Being in the Mid-west and not really knowing what was going on, only through second hand reports, eventually I felt to stand with what the brothers were saying about an attack on Bro. Lee. Yet, there was always a hidden reserve.
When I later read what and how John Ingalls and John So wrote about this time I realized there had been a smear campaign.

However, there are two specific events in which I was personally involved that I will relate here.

First was concerning a letter that was written to John Ingalls by some of the older co-workers.

One day Titus Chu called a brother, who now serves in Toledo, and me into his study. When we entered we found him reading a letter. He handed it to us and asked us to read it. I was really troubled by the language and tone of the letter. It was a letter to John Ingalls addressing his attack on Bro. Lee.

After we finished reading the letter we were asked what we thought about it. Quickly I spoke up and said it was unfair. It had taken some of Johnís speaking and twisted it, some of his lines were rearranged to say something he never said. I said it looked like something from someone who had done an understudy of The Godman. The other brother fully agreed.

Titus gave us a copy of the letter and asked us to go back and make it decent and civil.

When we finished the rewriting we went back to Titusís study. He read the revised latter and felt much better.

At that point he made a phone call. He had asked us to remain in the room while he spoke on the phone. Up to this point we had no idea who had written that letter. We just knew it was one or more older brothers in the recovery. We were shocked when we heard, ďBenson, concerning that letter you drafted related to John Ingalls . . .Ē.
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