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Let's go Linko? How about Stinko-Linko!

Here's where I think my American culture trumps the Chinese culture.

About 10 years ago one of my uncles convinced my dad to invest in a money exchange scheme that would provide double the investment by way of currency trading. My dad invested some money, and then at a visit with the uncle they both leaned on me to invest. I politely declined all the while saying to myself "this is stupid my wife would kill me".

If I had been Chinese I probably would not have been able to resist both my dad and uncle, and would have probably tried to recruit my adult kids. Being an American I could tell them "to stick it in their ears" and not worry about saving their lousy faces, and keep my money. On the downside, we Americans probably kill more of our relatives in domestic disputes than the Chinese do! So maybe it's a wash.
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