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Default Re: Turmoil in the Local Church by Christian Research Journal

Originally Posted by Terry
At that point he made a phone call. He had asked us to remain in the room while he spoke on the phone. Up to this point we had no idea who had written that letter. We just knew it was one or more older brothers in the recovery. We were shocked when we heard, “Benson, concerning that letter you drafted related to John Ingalls . . .”.
It is disgusting to think that Benson would use other brothers as his surrogate by having them sign a letter that he drafted. Of course Titus bears responsibility in this too, since he knowingly sent out a letter written by someone else. I must wonder though, if Benson had something to say to John Ingalls why didn't he say it himself? John actually did try to address his concerns with Benson, only to be shut down. Benson had the opportunity to say something to John if he wanted to, so why didn't he do it then?

This brings some other questions to mind. I remember hearing that Titus was perhaps viewed suspiciously long before the time that WL passed away. Did Benson knowingly take advantage of this by giving Titus an opportunity to demonstrate loyalty to Lee? If so, then Titus was a just pawn for Benson during the late 80's and perhaps remained so for at least 15 years until his eventual excommunication.

Another question is why Benson saw John Ingalls as such a threat. John was critical of the ministry office (which Benson had been promoting), but this was supposedly an issue that WL was addressing himself. From what I know about WL, no one would be able to interject themselves in WL's affairs unless he had asked them to be involved. To that extent, maybe Benson was one of the 'spies' that WL said that he had.

This would explain why Benson was behind the scenes orchestrating things, and drafting letters that would appear to be written by someone else. What deceptiveness! It really says a lot about brothers like Benson, who elected to run around in the shadows rather than to address these matters in an appropriate forum.
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