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Default Re: Turmoil in the Local Church by Christian Research Journal

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
Another question is why Benson saw John Ingalls as such a threat. John was critical of the ministry office (which Benson had been promoting), but this was supposedly an issue that WL was addressing himself. From what I know about WL, no one would be able to interject themselves in WL's affairs unless he had asked them to be involved. To that extent, maybe Benson was one of the 'spies' that WL said that he had.

This would explain why Benson was behind the scenes orchestrating things, and drafting letters that would appear to be written by someone else. What deceptiveness! It really says a lot about brothers like Benson, who elected to run around in the shadows rather than to address these matters in an appropriate forum.
When John and the late Ken Unger tried to seek fellowship with Benson and Ray, it was regarding Philip Lee. They didn't want to hear a word. By akk indication, they already knew Philip's behavior and didn't want to make an issue about it.

Years later.....when I met and saw John in 2010, he mentioned two brothers he'd like to resume fellowship with are Benson and Ron.
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