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Default Re: Turmoil in the Local Church by Christian Research Journal

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If my memory serves me correctly, was it not Benson that stated that "God" gave him a dream that someday he would lead a large religious movement, or something along those lines. Perhaps this is what motivated him all these years - good or bad. But of course they only see life, regardless of what tree it comes from. We life you death.
This 'dream' that Benson had is something that he shared with at least one person. In other words, his own ambitions weren't something that he kept to himself, and he probably couldn't have done that even if he wanted to. If we presume that Benson's actions were motivated mainly by this dream of his, then it explains a lot of the shenanigans that went on over the years. You have to also wonder how much of what he did wasn't even endorsed by WL.

There is an aspect to this that is a bit more intriguing, however. If I might generalize, I think it would be safe to assume that WL knew Benson to be ambitious, but he allowed it since Benson was one of his main promoters of the ministry office and Philip Lee. Titus Chu on the other hand, is not someone I see as primarily concerned with promoting WL, even back in the day. As a leader of a whole region, it would follow that Titus had his own ambitions. It seems that while WL may have never been particular fond of him, nonetheless, Titus was tolerated and WL. I am not aware of any attempt by WL to oust Titus. Thus both Benson and Titus are LC figures whom we might call 'ambitious', and more importantly they both had something to lose. That's not to say there is anything inherently wrong with being ambitious, but it's interesting to note two ambitious LC figures who were allowed to exist in the LC environment.

Now, consider someone like John Ingalls, who I can't find a shred of evidence to suggest that he was ambitious. Did he promote WL at one point in time? Yes. Was he a well-known LC figure at one point in time? Yes. Despite his profile, it would seem that his only true ambition was to support WL's ministry according to his convictions. After he became disillusioned with WL, he had nothing to lose by speaking out, since he was not seeking to be WL's successor.

I know that at one point, LSM accused Titus of having some discussion about who would succeed WL. I don't know if that is true or not, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was. The blendeds, although they vehemently deny it, also have been the main ones to speak of who was WL's successor. After all, it was the blendeds (and probably mainly Benson) who coined the name "brother We". What kind of nonsense is that? All of the blendeds, and probably Titus too, had something to lose by speaking out about WL. Why? Because they had their own ambitions. Isn't this ironic that in the LC, those who have certain ambitions might be the least likely to speak out? This is more or less common sense (just think of politics), but it needs to be made know that the 'ambition' boogeyman is not at all what it is claimed to be by LC leaders. It actually is quite the opposite. It is all a game of smoke and mirrors being played by LC leaders. Sadly, there is a great amount of darkness and deception involved.
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