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Default Re: Turmoil in the Local Church by Christian Research Journal

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
Now, consider someone like John Ingalls, who I can't find a shred of evidence to suggest that he was ambitious. Did he promote WL at one point in time? Yes. Was he a well-known LC figure at one point in time? Yes. Despite his profile, it would seem that his only true ambition was to support WL's ministry according to his convictions. After he became disillusioned with WL, he had nothing to lose by speaking out, since he was not seeking to be WL's successor.
Just examine his life. Where was the ambition other than to minister Christ? Not at Westmoreland. Not in the local churches. Not since leaving around 1990has there been any indication of an ambitious brother desiring to raise up or to have his own ministry.
I'll say now as I've said before the ambition story is one used to explain why such a well loved and respected brother left the local churches. Some type of an angle had to be used to explain. To just give the brother grace and say he choose to leave wasn't good enough.
It could have been at the suggestion of Benson and Ray since they're ambitious, that John's leaving was due to ambition.
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