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Default Re: Turmoil in the Local Church by Christian Research Journal

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If my memory serves me correctly, was it not Benson that stated that "God" gave him a dream that someday he would lead a large religious movement, or something along those lines. Perhaps this is what motivated him all these years - good or bad. But of course they only see life, regardless of what tree it comes from. We life you death.
This is what Don Rutledge wrote about Benson's dream:
Benson shared with me that when he was in high school he had received a special call from the Lord. One evening he went out to a golf course and lay on a green as he prayed. The Lord showed him that he would head a world-wide religious organization. He also shared with me that he had had a desire to reform the Southern Baptist Convention. When he read the The Normal Christian Church Life by Watchman Nee and then heard Witness Lee, he was clear that this was what his call was all about.

According to Don, it seems at some point early on, Benson believed the LC to be his calling, and he saw himself as an eventual leader. It is interesting that he would see his goal as heading a world-wide religious organization. I guess after all these years, Benson accomplished his goal. But that's about all he has accomplished.

There are a few other interesting excerpts from Don's writings that give some insight into Benson's quest for power:
Shortly after we arrived in Houston, Benson announced that there would be a meeting of any brothers who felt the burden to be in the lead of the church. All of the men except for Don Looper and myself attended the first meeting. Don and I had fellowshipped that this was surely not the way of the New Testament and we could not see any New Testament examples where someone put themselves forward as the leader. Did not the Lord declare in Matthew 23:11-12, “But the greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever exalts himself shall be humbled: and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted”?
Benson, Ray and Ben were all teaching at the same public school and rode to work together. At the school they made decisions regarding the church and carried them out at the “leading brothers” meeting, where other brothers were present also. Ray and Ben were dedicated, fine Christian men, but I doubt that many (if any) of the brothers and sisters in the three churches that came together looked to them for leadership. Their major qualification was a close friendship with Benson Phillips, going back to college days. They both had a deep dedication to, and admiration for Phillips. The “leading brothers” meeting eventually disintegrated. Some of the brothers told me there was no coordination there. Rather, these three brothers had already decided everything in advance. Eventually, this type of pattern became the way things were done among the elders and co-workers in many places. The inner circle would decide ahead of time and then execute their decision at the general meeting, all the while giving the impression of having had open fellowship...
The church in Dallas continued to grow under Benson Phillips’ leadership... Now, only the elders plus Bob Bynum set the direction of the church. We always had general prayer and then we went over Benson Phillips’ “to do” list. At the end of the elders’ time together, Bob Bynum and I would be given the opportunity to bring up something.
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