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Default Re: The History of Philip Lee

Apparently there were two incidents with Philip Lee involving gross immorality, one in the late 1970s and one in the late 1980s. After the second one, Witness Lee was forced to discharge his son Philip from authority. These incidents were not rumors or innuendos, but named witnesses coming forward, whose consciences could not allow them to pretend that all was Hunky and Dory in the Land of (Lee's) Food.

Besides immoral behavior, the record of heavy-handed behavior by PL is widespread. Read some of the testimonies of people who attempted to serve God under this man's leadership. Witness Lee's "personal chef" ran a very messy kitchen.

When someone asked Benson Philips how far to take "oneness" with such continually displayed behavior, BP merely asked the questioner, "How do you feel", as WL had asked the Shanghai elders who excommunicated WN 40 years prior. So BP "got life" to follow PL, at all costs. This is untrammeled subjectivity leading to La-la land: at best, weird; at worst, cult-like.

Here's the post in question (#55):

3. Coming back to the Philip's meeting with the fulltimers, Benson was sitting right next to Philip while he was basically going ballistic. He did nothing to stop him and not only so, he supported him. I have no more respect for this man. He has given up every ounce of integrity that he has to follow a man…. Back when he met with the couples at a restaurant on Ball Road nobody brought up this meeting or what went on with Philip.

While walking back to the meeting hall my wife and I made it a point to confront Benson about this meeting. My wife said, "when do you say enough is enough as far as the oneness goes", in other words how much can one take and follow blindly before common sense takes over? He couldn't come up with an answer. I said "let me get this right. When it comes to the ministry the spiritual side, that's Witness Lee. When it comes to the practical side, the business side of it that's Philip Lee. Am I being too narrow to say that Philip had no business sharing anything let alone what he shared and the manner in which he did it?" Benson's response was a question. Did you get any life or light in anything that he shared? He couldn't give my wife or me an answer when it was going on yet he had all of the answers by the time of “The Fermentation of The Present Rebellion” book. To me this is terrible.

Today I would ask him to his face how he could say things about John [Ingalls] and his motives and not look at himself. He knew and still knows what type of person Philip was and still is. What it boils down to is Benson thinks it's more important to follow a man than it is to follow God.
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