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Default Re: The History of Philip Lee

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Benson did not put up with that nonsense because he was "drugged" with the "feeling of life" in the garlic room, but because Lee made it clear that his "successor" would have to be "absolutely one" with him the same way Lee was with Nee. The exact same description, however, also characterized Titus Chu. Why would he put up with all the abuse from WL and PL, unless he desired to be his "true" successor.
You missed my point (again.) Nothing you post here is contradictory to the part of my post that you even put in BOLD:
Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
..where the reality of right and wrong are trumped by the subjective "feeling of life" as dictated by the person and work of Witness Lee.
So I'm not sure what you are disagreeing with. Are you saying that objective right and wrong was not superseded by the dictates made clear by Witness Lee? Even to this day the term "the feeling of life" or "the feeling of the Body" are used in such a way. Maybe these terms weren't used in the GLA as much as in So.Calif and Texas when Lee was alive. If so, what other terms were used when people were put in the dilemma of going against their conscience and against the Word of God?

Why would Benson put up with all the abuse? I don't know for sure. Ask him. But I highly suspect, and my 40 years of experience in and out of the Movement tell me, it wasn't just his lust for being Lee's successor, but rather he was under the spell, just like all of us. And that, my dear friend, was the point of my post.

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