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Default Re: The History of Philip Lee

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
I'll never understand how Lee would sacrifice the entire Body for his reprobate, profligate, prodigal sons.
Actually it's quite simple. On another thread there was another writing posted of Steve Isitt's. He quoted WL in saying:

"This is not easy. The local church is not our personal enterprise. The local church is the property of the local saints, not some worker’s business. Some gifted persons put a local church in their pocket."

Contrary to our understanding Witness Lee DID treat the local churches as his personal enterprise. The local churches may have it's directors, but Witness Lee saw it as his personal business. Then and today if a local church doesn't benefit Living Stream Ministry in revenue, it is worthy of being replastered.
The local churches were apparently franchises what were a revenue source for Witness Lee and his children. It's just the revenue was filtered through LSM.
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