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Leader's Son Excommunicated
Crisis Threatens Future of Little-Known Church

by Russell Chandler
Jan 7, 1989

Earlier Turmoil

"Many are against a one-man papal system . . . that in practice is very devious," declared one former elder in a telephone interview.

The LocalChurch also underwent turmoil in 1978 when Max D. Rapoport, then considered the heir apparent of the movement, quit his position as president of the Church in Anaheim. Earlier in the year, the leader of the Boston church departed. Both cited intense psychological pressures to conform in one's views and to perform up to expectations. Witness Lee, in a rare interview, denied the allegations: "In our church we are so free. We are free in thinking," he said then.
"In our church we are so free. We are free in thinking."

This was a bald-faced lie. Witness Lee was telling people that they were in the army (his army), and couldn't do what they wanted, but rather what he, the commander-in-chief, told them. The only one free in this system was Witness Lee: his every utterance was God's inspiration. Everyone else had to be "absolutely identical" to the current speaking. How free is that?

Everyone else, if they even questioned, much less challenged or refused, was branded a rebel. How can anyone be free in that system?

"We are so free"? The man was speaking out of both sides of his mouth. How he could do it in front of so many people, and get away with it, is simply astonishing. Nobody could call him on it.
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