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Default Re: The History of Philip Lee

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
It is statements like "we are so free..." that really caused me to lose a lot of respect for WL. I attended numerous LSM trainings. Never was there any sentiment expressed from the podium about being "free" in the church life. What they did talk about was how we need to be restricted, regulated, and of course, the army analogy was always used...
Here is a quote from an LC loyalist regarding Titus Chu, when the "quarantine" letter came out of Anaheim in 2006. A GLA brother wrote in his blog about the assemblies in Elyria and Lorain bickering over allegiance, and whether they belonged to Titus or the Blendeds, and he advised them to "chill out." A following comment from an LC loyalist is quoted below:

i can't believe what you have said. but i do understand in some ways. this is all about Titus Chu and great lakes brothers vs LSM and the blended brothers. this will surely happen ... when opportunity comes. when bro.WitnessLee went to the Lord, some of his co-workers will surely felt "independence has come." but they have to act legitimately and within the compound of hidden agenda. well, Titus Chu and his co-horts did it. He has poisoned many to follow him. that is why about 80 churches in greatlakes area followed him ... not knowing the truth. well, here he tried to gather some followers but was stopped and discovered. well, i just think bro.Titus Chu is a great opportunist. if bro.Witness lee is alive ... he will surely be reprimanded. but that will not surely happen ... for he succeeded. But the churches and the saints are the Lord's. i've been in the meeting in a local church for 30 years now, but it seems things are progressing. but somehow ... never mind.
The blog is at:

Titus Chu just wanted to be free, which as we all know is forbidden in the LC. And as regular poster Ohio has remarked on this forum, nobody got to be free under TC, either. It wasn't in the LC rules of order; you know, being in the army, and under submission to God's deputy, and all that.

Therefore Witness Lee's public remark on being so free was a flat-out falsehood; it only pertained to him and his profligate sons. But maybe in his world that was all that existed. Who knows?
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