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Default Evils of Church Federation

Following are five points from chapter 5 of The Churches of God. Quotes of G.H. Lang are italicized.

1. danger of humility and God-dependence being lost in pride of organization
2. "Organization begets a man a sense of power eminently perilous to the work of God."
3. "Another chief peril to be pondered is the undue influence that church affiliation put into the hands of a few masterful men."
4. Development of factions. "This is not the affiliating of local assemblies as a whole, of a group of persons in an assembly with similar groups in other assemblies. For example, in a certain local church there was formed an organization for assisting in retaining and developing young Christians. The plan adopted approved itself, and presently was copied by another and another church; and shortly these local groups were affiliated into a society. The result is a society within a society. Within the church of God, as represented by the local churches concerned, there is a sectional circle, a segment of which intersects each and all of those local churches.
Then as such a society becomes greater its claims upon the interest, time, and funds of its members increase. Special literature must be read, and paid for; Society conferences must be attended, and paid for;
5. Spiritual autocracy rises to control churches. "It may be a formal bench of bishops, a committee elected by an annual conference, or a "brother's meeting," as among Exclusive Brethren." But the issue will always be the spiritual bondage of the community to these few leaders and the regulations imposed. Against this there will duly come revolt, and then division."
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