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Default Re: The Churches of God

Originally Posted by NewManLiving View Post
To have allegedly spit on the book is fleshly.
I am not defending Lee, but the fact of spitting on a book is not necessarily fleshly. There are many ways that true disdain can be expressed. Or other emotions or ideas. Just as referring to any particular ones as whitewashed sepulchers. We are too prone to labeling based on our preferences. We like the book so spitting on it is "fleshly." But if we thought it was the equivalent of the Book of Mormon, how would you react?

But in the particular case, it is a huge window into the thinking of Lee. He wanted that book to be so thoroughly "out" that no one would read it and consider what it said. And it would appear that he got the desired outcome.

I have said before that despite the shtick that he is some poor Chinese preacher with limited English skills, he was instead a well-trained manipulator of people. Yes, he was not being spiritual when he spit on that book. He was busy trying to manipulate a situation. And he mostly succeeded.

Was what he did fleshly? probably. But was it because of what he did? No. It was because of why he did it. For personal advancement and glory.
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