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Default Parallel of Two Turmoils

This website shows the parallel cause of two turmoils in the Lord's recovery.

"...Anything that becomes a center to unite believers of different places will create a sphere which includes all believers who attach themselves to that center and excludes those who do not. This dividing line will destroy the God-appointed boundary of locality, and consequently destroy the very nature of the churches of God” (W.Nee, The Normal Christian Church Life, p. 184).


During both turmoils that consummated in major division, the promoters of the new center in the recovery did not keep the oneness of the Spirit, as the one trumpet for the Lord’s ministry became the one trumpet for the Lord’s recovery, narrowing the scope of oneness kept in the churches to a man, a ministry, and the LSM office. The promotions (essentially of a new center) featured in each turmoil were the driving wedge of division in the recovery. Graphic illustrations of this driving wedge in the late eighties are found in the book Deviating from the Path in the Lord's Recovery. Seeing the history of this driving wedge will help those in the current turmoil to understand the real factors of division that took place in each turmoil and the sectarian mentality that our leadership in the recovery succumbed to in the first and continue to subject themselves to in the second. I speak of the reality of the behavior of our leadership, not its benign appearance and apparent innocence. For those that want to know what our actual history is and how it effects us today, our concepts of the benign and innocent have to be dropped in favor of the truth. The kingdom of God and His righteousness are at stake and will be our reward.

Praise the Lord! brothers and sisters.
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