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Default Re: Reconciliation in the Local Churches?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
God knows if [Steve Jobs and Bill Gates] had a relationship with Him. If you speculate they don't know the Lord, what does it say when unbelievers have a better grasp what reconciliation means that Christians should know and should practice? Going as far back as the so-called "Sister's Rebellion", these brothers and sisters aren't getting any younger. Most of these dear brothers and sisters are into their 70's and 80's. How much time is left? How long are brothers and sisters going to cling onto perceived wrongdoings that happened decades ago and not sense the urgency to be reconciled to one another?
Fifty to one hundred years after John Darby excommunicated George Muller for accepting members of the Plymouth assembly (who had been associated with the excommunicated Benjamin Newton) into the Bethesda Chapel, exclusives were still demanding that all new members and all member churches condemn Muller unequivocally. Members who were not even born yet in those days of their first split had to "take a definite stand on Muller" before they could be received to break bread in an exclusive assembly.

The last meeting between Darby and Muller has been the subject of Brethren controversy for nearly two centuries, with neither side budging from their sworn allegiance. Darby and Muller both went to their graves without reconciliation. Muller stated what happened in no uncertain terms, and then let the matter sit. Darby and his supporters, however, have another version to tell.
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