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Default Re: Parallel of Two Turmoils

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
So those of us who are already on the side of understanding the gross failures and even wrongdoings of the LC leadership over the past 30 or more years don’t really need to visit your site. You have assembled snippets from sources with which many of us are quite familiar. But those who are not familiar with the materials, but only the claims of ambition and heresy so slanderously put out there by the LC leadership, they will consider your little introduction as proof that they are being asked to trust Pravda for their news. They will leave any reporting on your site to their own version of the CIA — the BBs.
For those that don't know Indiana spent time in SoCal in 2001 I believe where he interviewed many of these former leading brothers residing in Southern California. So his writing content was pulled out of thin air. I'm sure there are others besides myself where Indiana's efforts expalined what wasn't quite right with the Recovery. I'm sure there are others who knew bits and pieces of what's been laid out in the website.
Now, what about other people. For me it's not about persuading people not to meet, but rather adjusting attitudes to have a right heart toward brothers and sisters no longer meeting in the recovery. In order for that to happen there needs to be an balanced written history. Brothers like Hope and Indiana are doing just that.
Brothers and sisters that still meet in the local churches, these are some of the concepts I have encountered concerning the past:
A. They know some of what happened, but it's in the past. What matters is being faithful to the vision.
B. What was spoken by LSM is accurate and any counterpoint is rumor.
C. Apathy

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