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Default Re: Mass Movement in the Local Churches

Originally Posted by Indiana View Post
"Do not say, as if it were a mere slogan, 'I am following the flow.' The real flow is the Lord Himself. How wrong it is to stir up a movement! That is an insult to the Lord. It is an offense to Him. There must never be a movement among us in the Lord's recovery. Do not use the word "flow" as a cloak to disguise a movement. When some of you speak of the flow, you actually mean a movement. To create a movement and then to encourage others to follow it is to make a tremendous mistake (Lee, The Spirit and the Body, p. 9, 1977). This quote is from 1977. The following document in the link is from one year ago, May, 2010.
As a young newcomer in the LC, I was there when these messages were spoken in Cleveland, in August 1977. They were spoken at a time when Anaheim and elsewhere was in chaos due to the "Young Galilean" movement, which was initiated, endorsed, and promoted by Lee himself. Yet, as was so typical of Lee's continual movements and "flows," things all went haywire, and Max Rapoport was axed as the fall guy so Lee could save face.

Titus Chu cited this conference for decades, as evidence in his own defense, declaring that "brother Lee was always welcome to minister in Cleveland," when the so-called "storms" of rebellion battered the recovery.

Few understand how Lee operated. He would directly teach contrary to what he himself practiced. So how do you "properly" follow his lead? Do you follow his public teaching, as Titus Chu, John Ingalls, Mill Mallon, John So, Don Rutledge, endeavored to, or do you follow what he practiced, as Benson Phillips, Ron Kangas, Ray Graver, and the future Blendeds did. In this manner Lee constantly pitted one faction against the other, each thinking that they were the true and loyal "faithful followers" of the Lord's apostle to His recovery.
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