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Default Re: Mass Movement in the Local Churches

Originally Posted by Indiana View Post
"Do not say, as if it were a mere slogan, 'I am following the flow.' The real flow is the Lord Himself. How wrong it is to stir up a movement! That is an insult to the Lord. It is an offense to Him. There must never be a movement among us in the Lord's recovery. Do not use the word "flow" as a cloak to disguise a movement. When some of you speak of the flow, you actually mean a movement. To create a movement and then to encourage others to follow it is to make a tremendous mistake (Lee, The Spirit and the Body, p. 9, 1977). This quote is from 1977. The following document in the link is from one year ago, May, 2010.

In Lee's lexicon a "move" was of God and a "movement" was of man. Thus the former was genuine and the latter was not. And so, of course, the "Recovery" was deemed by him a move and everything else was a movement. Big shocker there.

This is simply another example of how Lee used word games and equivocation to influence the gullible. These definitions were Lee's. There is nothing set in stone that says "moves" are genuine and "movements" are not. This is a concept he cooked up.

Why didn't Lee just say that something was of God and something else was not of God? Why didn't he say the Pentecostals were not of God, but the Little Flock was of God, if that's what he believed? Why the move/movement equivocation? Why the word games?

Because Lee was a master at suggesting things and letting our minds fill in the blanks. The Pentecostal movement was every bit as much a "move" of God as the "Recovery" was, and both were equally "movements" of men--and Lee knew better than to declare otherwise in blacks and whites. Thus the suggestion and the innuendo and the LCM jargon.

Every manifestation of God has elements of God (move) and man (movement) from the Exodus to today's community church/evangelical phenomenon. To say we know that one is of God and the other is not is self-deception.

Yet some are still fretting over what's a move and what's a movement. Lee's shadow still influences, for the worse. Meanwhile God is telling us to jump in and serve somewhere, and stop squinting for "THE GENUINE MOVE." It's everywhere if you open you eyes.
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