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Default Re: Parallel of Two Turmoils

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
I think those serious about writing books about the LC need to get the advice of a professional writer, and perhaps consider taking on a ghost writer. Otherwise an otherwise important message could be panned just because of an amateurish presentation.

He that hath an ear...
OBW and Igzy, this is a "layman's" forum. We are looking for "personal" reports. Yes, I do my best to "polish" my own posts, and admit that style and grammer do support the perception of historical accuracy in what I read. But placing the exacting requirements of professional writing upon this forum or one's personal website is not necessary, helpful or wise even to suggest. Please reconsider.

Another consideration becomes readily apparent once SI's account becomes an "official book." He becomes vulnerable to LSM's legal team at DCP. JCA faced this with ToG and opted for pseudonyms. That was her choice. Steve should be supported for his choice. Whether or not it is "ameuterish," is something he can improve with others' help.
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