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Default Re: Mass Movement in the Local Churches

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
But essentially there was absolutely no difference between Lee's thought/meaning and the thought/meaning of all the others through history who declared their thing to be the "one true" thing. Whether they called it church, or move, or flow or whatever, the error is exactly the same.
What is so amazing about the confidence trick involved here is how blatant it really is. The only thing holding it together is the willingness or need to believe. At its core it's little more than, "When others do it, it's "X", and wrong, but when we do it, it's "Y", and okay." The re-branding or re-labeling part wasn't sophisticated at all.

Therein perhaps lies its power - when you step back and look, how there's no "there" there. I mean, PT Barnum said you can fool some of the people some of the time, but really? So many people fooled, for so long, with so little?

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
At first glance, it might seem that WL simply failed to practice what he preached. However, given his history of acting in direct contradiction to what he taught, the inevitable conclusion is that all too often, he used what he taught as a cloak for what he wanted to practice. It's something that WL was very good at.
There's probably something to this. For example, WL warned often about ambition, which made us all assume that he must have none. But the exact opposite was the truth. He had so much ambition that he couldn't tolerate anyone else's! It's the classic sleight-of-hand distraction, where you wave one hand in the air to attract attention, while the other is manipulating in secret. And the thing that was moving in secret was usually the opposite of what was being waved. Coincidence? Doubtful.

And when you see the disparity between what was said at point A versus point B, or what was taught versus what was practiced, it is pretty blatant. It doesn't take an expert in forensics to notice. Just someone like Indiana to come along and point out what's probably obvious to any objective viewer.
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