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Default Re: Mass Movement in the Local Churches

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
Lee was the master con man. He developed an entire system that allowed him to get what he wanted, virtually 100% of the time. The actual sleight-of-hand con that was talking place was so simple that we wonder how he got away with it. But more than anything else, WL knew how to play upon people's emotions. He knew what people wanted. He knew how to appeal to that. Take Max, for example. Max was a self-admitted ambitious young man. WL played upon that. WL used that to his own advantage. And when the time came, Max was disposed of.
If not a con, certainly a master manipulator. He could say did not control any churches. Disingenuously Witness Lee would say he doesn't determine meeting times, but all the same he manipulates brothers to be pawns in achieving desired results. Max for one, Benson another, and so on. Various ones are used to do his dirty work while WL's hands are reputed to be clean.
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