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Default Re: Mass Movement in the Local Churches

Originally Posted by aron View Post
What is so amazing about the confidence trick involved here is how blatant it really is. The only thing holding it together is the willingness or need to believe. At its core it's little more than, "When others do it, it's "X", and wrong, but when we do it, it's "Y", and okay." The re-branding or re-labeling part wasn't sophisticated at all.
First the confidence of the hearers has to be gained by giving them the real thing, which is the Ministry of Spirit and truth from the word of God. For many of us growing up in antiquated denominations, including myself in Catholicism, Lee's ministry was perhaps our first real "taste" of God, i.e. "Taste and see that the Lord is good." Even after decades of dry doctrines, the old-timers still recall those "glory days," and the "riches" in the ministry books.

Unfortunately, and this seems to occur far too often in the whole of Christendom, leaders then use this to keep their followers in tow, even after "driving the car into the ocean," as Lee himself has said. The lust for power consumes them, and predictably, corrupts them.
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