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Default Re: Parallel of Two Turmoils


I wasn't talking about personal websites or posts. I was talking about real books. I wasn't even talking about Steve. I've read two books published by former LCers. Jane Anderson's and John Myer's. Both are of professional quality.

My point was that anyone who wants their book to be well-received ought to at least find a friendly writer to proofread it for them and give them tips on writing. Friends can help, but an experienced writer will help more.

I've had several things published (no books) and I always at least get my wife to proofread them for me. (She rebukes me if I don't.) She almost always finds something wrong with my work, and more than once has saved me the embarrassment of submitting something that would have flopped.

If you publish in a conventional way, an editor will proofread and change your work before it goes out. But today anyone can self-publish and it might be tempting to skip having a knowledgeable proofreader. But that's a mistake in my opinion.

It's no offense to Steve, but frankly his writings read like the work of an unskilled writer, not helping to lessen the idea (which I'm sure LSM would like to play up) that he is a crank.

If any potential writers of LC history would like to send their work to me, I'd be happy to read it and offer suggestions.
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