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Default Re: Mass Movement in the Local Churches

Originally Posted by aron View Post
When you step back and get the tiniest bit of objectivity, the disparities appear quickly. At one point it's all about the local and autonomous assembly, then suddenly it's the "Jerusalem principle" and everyone's talking about consolidation, about "coordination" and "blending". So which is it?
Whatever is needed at the time. It's like politics. Say whatever you want, knowing your audience can't remember past last weekend.

Obviously "early-Lee" in the USA had a number of contradictions with "later-Lee." Another one became blatantly obvious during the GLA quarantines. "Early-Lee" is on record encouraging others to write and publish the "truths of the Lord's recovery to the ends of the earth." "Later-Lee" put the kibosh on that whole program, which has now become justification for all the quarantines of this century.
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