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Default Re: Parallel of Two Turmoils

The two turmoils website will be inaccessible for an indefinite period of time. This means none of my writings on the two forums will be accessible that were linked to

The main objective of my communications with the saints began with desiring to build a bridge of communication between current and former members (In the Wake of the New Way).

And it has ended for now with a website comprised of a collection of writings from the Great Lakes area brothers, and also writings on past history from Don Rutledge and myself (Making Straight the Way of the Lord). The objective of this site was to show the overall line of deviation taken in the Lord’s recovery from its original path. Ideally, conscientious brothers could then come together and have restorative fellowship between themselves and among the churches. This site, then, will also not be available.

If anyone has need of a particular document or knows a seeking person who might benefit from a particular writing, let me know and I could send it by email.


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