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Default Re: Parallel of Two Turmoils


I understand your position. I did not intend to suggest that Steve’s work become a full-blown book, or that it needs to be grammatically correct (although too many gross grammatical errors often cause me to question the quality of what is being written as much as how it is written). I just feel that the tone of much of his work tends to drive a wedge between the content and potential readers. Ones who have seen the problems and are open to learn more about what has happened, especially in terms of what was essentially lied about — people like you, me, Terry, Toledo, and others — might ignore the tone since it is somewhat consistent with something that you/we already think. But those who have never even considered such things as possible but are lurking here (despite dire warnings of the BBs) are much more likely to simply move on to the next post or thread if it seems too didactically opposed, negative, or harsh without being given the opportunity to read real facts in a neutral way first.
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