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Default Re: Parallel of Two Turmoils

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
I was not saying that Indiana's work was useless or without value. Instead, I was pointing out that its style was prone to dissuade those who were otherwise not in disagreement with the LC.

I would agree that those who have questions and have some willingness to pursue those questions might be ready to read the materials. I was thinking more in terms of making the site and Indiana’s posts more “friendly” to those not otherwise actively seeking answers.
I like Mike's sensitivity and his suggestions.

Last year he came after me for careless forum introductions I had made for writings, which I desired to have people link to. He was right in his concern. He had more to say about the writings and is very thorough and thoughtful in his critiques. I had asked him last year if he would like to help me, but there was no reply at that time. He does see things I don't.

I will write to him personally and ask him again to help. He can scrutinize, examine, and analyze to his heart's content over one, two, or three crucial writings that I have in mind.

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