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Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
I think those serious about writing books about the LC need to get the advice of a professional writer, and perhaps consider taking on a ghost writer. Otherwise an otherwise important message could be panned just because of an amateurish presentation.

He that hath an ear...

Igzy's comment is very important.

Most of my writing, including posts, are not careless. But, a brother like Mike can spot when I have a breakdown and he is right and conscientious enough to reprimand me. (I am referring only to writings of mine that address local church history.)

Deviating from the Path took hundreds and hundreds of hours to write over a two-year period. One accusation by Dan Towle of John Ingalls took me 150 hours to write and perfect, again and again. If I wasn’t happy with it, I had to change it. If I saw something more or considered more carefully a reader’s reaction, I would change it again. In re-reading it over a period of time, which resulted in re-working it, I estimated that it took the 150 hours to complete – and on that particular accusation, I am still not completely happy. It is complex, involving intricate clarifications on different fronts for the reader to understand the bogus charge that was made.

Igzy has recommended that I get help from other people to edit. Of course I have done that. A brother edited this book five times; so he spent many hours also going through the writing. He had written two books himself for his business and felt he could help.

If Igzy can make helpful suggestions to improve this book and bring it to higher level of competency worthy of publishing, that is also along the lines of my thought to do. And, then the marketing…

The brother I mentioned also edited the first booklet, as did a brother in Texas. They both worked on it.

Books that I produced that were not edited are 1) the one about Andrew Yu and 2)the one about RK and KR. I don’t think these two books should be taken lightly; rather I hope that they also can be improved upon in the best way for publication – or re-written by someone else with use of information in my writing.

Igzy, you too, like Mike, critique, examine, analyze to your heart’s content, if you will indeed take up such a burden, as I am laying out.

Do recommend to me what should be changed and how to improve upon what I have done. If someone could do this job, it would be a worthy work, and fitting, for the presentation of the record so well before the Lord, and before the saints.

- a note: I also had no one edit People Change, a "book" that both Aron and CMW made reference to, negatively, which surprised me. And, Mike had commented that it is a serious book - which is true. I still don't understand the two saints' concern, but other eyes in editing could correct the tone, and some words, and be a help to me.

- the website offers a concise story of the history of division in the local churches. I like very much this comparatively short version of the history of deviation that affected "LSM churches" and the GLA as well. This site has not been edited.

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