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Default Re: Roger's concern

Roger refers to 2003 when the defamation litigation was going on and I had a website up for 2 mos on Hiding History that showed publicly we had our own history of defamation. When it didn't work to get the brothers' attention for fellowship over our own history and case of defamation, I took the site down. One reason for doing that was to protect innocent saints from information that I felt should first be for elders. Another reason was that the site was actually a hindrance to pursuing fellowship over the history and also over my being received back into the church.

When brothers here and in Anaheim showed no interest for the next 2 years to have fellowship, I became interested in the forum and eventually posted writings on the forum. I hadn’t taken any website down again till now.

Incidently, I won't be a bit regretful for the hours I have spent; it has been a deep and meaningful enjoyment and there is a supply while in the throes of bringing to light the truth on behalf of many saints and the Lord's name.

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