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Default Re: Parallel of Two Turmoils

Originally Posted by Indiana View Post
I like Mike's sensitivity and his suggestions.

Last year he came after me for careless forum introductions I had made for writings, which I desired to have people link to. He was right in his concern. He had more to say about the writings and is very thorough and thoughtful in his critiques. I had asked him last year if he would like to help me, but there was no reply at that time. He does see things I don't.

I will write to him personally and ask him again to help. He can scrutinize, examine, and analyze to his heart's content over one, two, or three crucial writings that I have in mind.
Thanks for the vote of confidence and I have responded to your PM.

I would not make a very good editor. When I write, I do it my way in terms of style and language. That does not mean harsh or sweet, but it is clearly my writing v someone Else's. When I edit others (which I do occasionally) I try to only advise what is grammatically incorrect or what I do not understand or think is being said vaguely. In cases like your posts, the best I would want to do is tell you that I think you are approaching it in a manner that I think is putting a wedge between your message and your target. I would not want to rewrite it for you not because I couldn't but because that would make it my post. It is just one of my principles of editing. If I have to start writing, I would rather it just become mine.

This stems from a time years ago when a supervisor would rewrite my memos in his way. (It was pretty poor.) One day our common boss came in and asked what a particular memo was saying. When he figured out what was intended, he reworded it back to what I had originally said. I decided at that time that I would not take responsibility for the style of another's writing no matter how much I wanted to. I would make comments to them to hopefully make changes, but I would not take the responsibility.

In any case, as the new year begins, I am now finding my time to frequent this forum dwindling again. I hope to at least keep up with the reading, but I may be limited in my ability to write and respond.

Please do your best (everyone) to be diligent in the faith and in love for one another.
I once thought I was. . . . but I may have been mistaken Edge (with apologies)
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